One on One

There are times when it is just right to be a part of a group and learn about a particular topic. There are other times however, when being a group member is not enough, when the yearnings of the soul seek deeper fulfilment. This is the time when a one on one session is the best fit for the situation. I am available for this type of healing/information session by request.

An Individual Session just for you

$150 per hour


Jyoti's gift, as author of this amazing tarot, is to offer clarity, clairvoyant direction for your life and psychic insight on relationships, business , health, destiny and much more. 


(Spirit Master)
Many have smiled as they've encountered the profound guidance of Ol Ya Ma. A wonderful and kind Master spirit who has wise gifts to help you imagine life anew and be inspired on lifes journey. 

Jyoti uses her clairvoyant strengths in reading your energy centres. As you relax in a trust filled environment she couples her clairvoyance with shamanic energetic healing for your chakras and luminous energy field. 

Jyoti provides a broad experienced background in shamanic counselling. With her kind 'eye of the heart' way, she loves to combine practices that integrate keeping a balance in life whilst supporting the story for any changes you need to create.


Thanks so much to you and Ol Ya Ma for fitting me in so quickly the other day. It felt so supportive. It has been a very strong experience and one that took me by total surprise but gaining the learning and wisdom from it now. I find my relationship with Ol Ya Ma a very important thing in my life. He has grown to be the most trusted and loved guide I have ever had I think. Thankyou for him and for you!!

Nina Ishar Cranio- Sacral Balancing Practitioner & Project Facilitator

When I lost my brother to cancer I was devastated. Ol Ya Ma not only helped me to cope with the loss, but allowed me to pass messages on to him. So much help. So much comfort and so much relief. Since then Ol Ya Ma has been a great friend, ally, advisor and guide. Love our sessions together.  Adele S.

Investment Option/s:
$150 per hour ( Overseas/Eastern States add investment for P&P of audio CD.)

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Animal Medicine Shields

Combining the skills of a professional artist with shamanic insight, Jyoti creates unique and beautiful medicine shields based upon a psychic reading of your animal totems.

The reading consists of a channelled session with Jyoti in which she sees each totem animal and receives information relevant to your life. These totems are good friends who often give sound, practical advice in a down to earth manner.

Their helpful medicine reaches into all areas of life ranging from health, career, relationships and spiritual matters. Often humorous, as well as deeply moving, participants have described these sessions as life transforming.

Investment Option/s:
$790 Watercolour on paper or Acrylics on Canvas

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Energy Portraits

​​​Individually and specifically inspired Soul Energy portraits by celebrated artist, author and clairvoyant Jyoti Mckie.

 You know you are unique. You know you are the only one who thinks your thoughts and dreams your dreams. You know that what you think, feel, plan and do, are the results of your unique soul and individual outlook.

 And now, finally you are able to see the artistic representation of your own spiritual portrait, unlike any other. Finally you can look into the breathtaking beauty of who you are and know the exquisiteness and depth of your presence. 

 Jyoti is able to create this individual portrait after performing your own in-depth clairvoyant reading. This will impart a vision of your soul energy, from which Jyoti will create your portrait.

What better way to reflect upon your soul’s journey, purpose and wholeness than to have your own portrait as a perpetual reminder of your real beauty? 

Soul Mates Portraits

You know the joy and the thrill you feel when the love of your life enters the room? You know how you tingle and feel alive when you’re with the one? You know how you want to share this passion and happiness with everyone you meet? Well now you can. You can have a visual representation of the warm glow that emanates from your union of true love. Jyoti is delighted to be able to include soul mate portraits as part of her repertoire. Is there a better way of saying I love you?

 Portraits in acrylics on canvas: 100cm x 100cm soul mates & 76cm x 76cm/50cm x 76cm Individual. 

Investment Option/s:
$790 Individual Soul Energy portraits
$1,000 Soul-mates Energy portraits

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Jyoti has quietly worked with animal communication and healing for our animal companions for many years. By telepathically communing with each animal friend she finds out what maybe underscoring the animals dis-ease and then gently utilizes energy healing to bring them into balance and to give clarifying messages for their beloved owners.

Animal friends can either be brought to Jyoti or she can travel to you if need be. (A travel fee will apply)


I am delighted that Jyoti is offering her special gifts of communicating with and offering healing to our beautiful animal companions! Over the past 12 years, Jyoti has assisted 2 of my cats and 5 of my dogs who have had health challenges and / or messages for me, which brought profound understanding of their reason for being with me and how I could support them. In addition, Jyoti has assisted with healing she’s provided to horses. Her telepathic abilities with our animal spirits are extraordinary! Jane Elise Ferro, Wellness & Healing Centre, York EMF Balancing Practitioner & Supervisory Teacher

Investment Option/s:
$150 per hour plus $20 travel each way

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Healing Art just for you

Imagine owning your very own piece of original art from my collection. Well you can do just that. Take a good look through all the art pieces on my site and see if one resonates for you and get in touch with me. I am also available to do special commissioned art work, let me know what your needs are and I will create a unique and wonderful piece to match. Maybe it is a loved one you'd like to have recreated; I can tune into their life pathways story and its essential qualities.


I started ‘collecting’ Jyoti’s beautiful and inspiring paintings in 2006, beginning with Pegasus, “The Shining One’. Over the years – and I’m just about to add another to enhance our home – I count 15 of her original works. The energy that emanates from Jyoti’s paintings has added many dimensions to my homes over the years, most especially a sense of harmony, peace, Universal presence. This meant a great deal to me, especially while I was renting, because the paintings made a strong statement about what was important to me at the same time they added a depth of feeling to every room. Jane Elise Ferro.
Manager of Settlers’ Gift Shop EMF Balancing Practitioner / Wellness & Healing Centre

My painting ‘Light Falls” gives me so much joy! Every time I look at it my heart expands. Even our guest’s comment on it – they love it too! Heidi Sheppard Kinesiologist

Jyoti's paintings are a joy to connect with. When I bring one home, the painting enriches my life, often in unexpected ways, such is the energy of her paintings. I have a painting of a fire-sun horse, enjoyed by everyone in the household (we all love horses). The colours and image of the rearing horse, are awesome. For me, the horse reminds me to connect with myself, my very own spirit, and from this point to connect with all of life. I also have a shield of my animal guides Jyoti painted for me. I have had this shield for well near twenty years or more. The images of my animal guides bring great calm to me, for there is great harmony, strength and gentle fun among them - as portrayed by Jyoti. My animal guide shield makes me smile, take stock, and reflect. I have such a feeling of gratitude, as there is great promise in the gifts I have and the gifts I share, a connection with my heart.
Shapelle McNee Biologist

I bought my first Jyoti McKie piece of artwork in 1990 which was a medicine shield and have since purchased many pieces large and small which hang in my home and clinic. One piece that is in my conference room is titled a 'Walk in the Kauri Trees' and is admired by all who attend functions there. Another 'The Dancer through Time" is in my husband’s office and is also frequently commented on. My home is alive, thanks to Jyoti's wonderfully diverse talent and I love them all from the brooding mountains in Scotland to the bright vase of flowers (can’t remember its name) to the contemplative (one on my lounge wall) and beach and boat scenes. Thanks Jyoti I look forward to seeing where your talented self is drawn to next. Melynda Munro Victoria

Investment Option/s:
Commissions by arrangement, have a chat and we can discuss your needs.  

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With true and clear intent coupled with shamanic ritual work Jyoti creates a powerful and special Medicine Bundle for your needs.
Medicine Bundles ritually created by Jyoti can assist in:
• Quickly moving forward the selling of property and houses.
• Protecting homes, animals, friends and family.
• Helping the safe return of missing animal friends.

Investment: $150 per hour ( ritual and medicine bundle creation usually take one/ two hours)Plus P&P Overseas/interstate


A few years ago I was trying to sell a house with no luck. It was on the market for around 4 months and I was starting to feel quite stressed out about it. Jyoti did a ceremony for me and within a couple of weeks I had 2 offers at the full asking price.

When my beautiful cat went missing, I remembered that Jyoti also did Medicine Bundles for all sorts of problems. She told me that she had seen the cat return to me and that she would do a Bundle for this result. As the weeks went by, I was giving up hope and Jyoti told me not to worry and she was still certain she was coming home. 4 weeks to the day, to my delight, the cat returned, skinny and dishevelled but home and safe! It was quite miraculous. Amitabha Howlett Acupuncturist

Everything was in place for my parents to immigrate and join us here in Australia, except selling of their property. After two years in the market and with South Africa’s real estate downturn my parents were feeling downhearted and losing hope of ever selling their home. One quick call to Jyoti gave me confidence that all is not lost. After providing her with details she prepared a medicine bundle that my mum placed in her house. Two weeks later the most miraculous thing happened. A couple placed a cash offer on the house. And to put the cherry on the top, they wanted to buy all the house contents and keep the dogs! My parents can now leave South Africa without worries about the dogs, finances or furniture. I cannot thank Jyoti enough. Her special gift is invaluable and has served me and my family very well. I can heartily recommend Jyoti to anyone.
Heidi Lemke IT Specialist

Jyoti created a medicine bundle for my husband and I for the prompt sale of our house, during a period when the market was slow. By the second week, we had accepted an offer by two lovely people whom we knew would love and appreciate the house as much as we had. Thank you Jyoti Melissa and Jim Musicians

Jyoti provided a prompt and very timely ritual and medicine bundle for us. It was the 11th hour for me and a real last effort attempt to sell the house. After many months of being on the market, and the market apparently flat here, within 10 days of placing the medicine bundle and taking Jyoti's advice, we had a firm offer, and another buyer in 'the wings'. On that same day those people offered exactly what we wanted. We are amazed, delighted and very grateful - thank you Jyoti!
Suzanne Moss Artist and art lecturer

Investment Option/s:
$150 per hour

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Spirit Guide Portraits

Based on an individual channelling session, Jyoti creates an original portrait of your personal spirit guide. The session offers a remarkable opportunity to have a clear impression of the spirit who guides your life and to hear the wisdom that spirit wishes to impart. The painting is an original work of high quality which provides a special lifelong vision for inspiration.

Investment Option/s:
$790  Acrylics on canvas

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Jyoti gifts and gives teachings on the nine sacred rites of the Q'Ero (Peruvian shamans). Unique energy transferences which enable you to connect fully with your evolving 'Homo Luminous' for the time of great change to come. 

Investment Option/s:
$150 per teaching session of each rite

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The Women's Wheel of Awakening

Realise your true feminine power with the teachings on the Five Sacred Feminine Keepers of Wisdom and the Four Women’s Pathways. Go on a spiritual journey with Jyoti gently leading you into the wheel to discover all aspects of your awakening female light.

Find out how to: Focus your power and move forward beyond your limitations.
Be shown the place where it is possible to find the key to inner freedom.
Find answers to the questions that have blocked your progress.
Tap into your feminine powers.
Experience profound visioning & meditations to gain guiding light.

Investment Option/s:
$150 per hour

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Women's Power Shields

Contact the power of the sacred feminine which most speaks to your life pathway. Experience a fresh overview of the Goddess within. This unique channelling offers a life enhancing and uplifting process of guidance. The shield is an original and beautiful work of art depicting powerful symbolism for you individual feminine stature.

Investment Option/s:
$790  Acrylics on Canvas

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