One on One

There are times when it is just right to be a part of a group and learn about a particular topic. There are other times however, when being a group member is not enough, when the yearnings of the soul seek deeper fulfilment. This is the time when a one on one session is the best fit for the situation. I am available for this type of healing/information session by request.

An Individual Session just for you



Jyoti's gift, as author of this amazing tarot, is to offer clarity, clairvoyant direction for your life and psychic insight on relationships, business , health, destiny and much more. 

Investment Option/s:

$150 per hour.


Jyoti uses her clairvoyant strengths in reading your energy centres. As you relax in a trust filled environment she couples her clairvoyance with shamanic energetic healing for your chakras and luminous energy field. 

Investment Option/s:

$150 per hour.

Energy Portraits

Individually and specifically inspired Soul Energy portraits by celebrated artist, author and clairvoyant Jyoti Mckie.
You know you are unique. You know you are the only one who thinks your thoughts and dreams your dreams. You know that what you think, feel, plan and do, are the results of your unique soul and individual outlook.
 And now, finally you are able to see the artistic representation of your own spiritual portrait, unlike any other. Finally you can look into the breathtaking beauty of who you are and know the exquisiteness and depth of your presence. 
Jyoti is able to create this individual portrait after performing your own in-depth clairvoyant reading. This will impart a vision of your soul energy, from which Jyoti will create your portrait.
What better way to reflect upon your soul’s journey, purpose and wholeness than to have your own portrait as a perpetual reminder of your real beauty? 

Soul Mates Portraits

You know the joy and the thrill you feel when the love of your life enters the room? You know how you tingle and feel alive when you’re with the one? You know how you want to share this passion and happiness with everyone you meet? Well now you can. You can have a visual representation of the warm glow that emanates from your union of true love. Jyoti is delighted to be able to include soul mate portraits as part of her repertoire. Is there a better way of saying I love you? 
 Portraits in acrylics on canvas: 
Investment Option/s:
$790 Individual Soul Energy portraits
$1100 Soul-mates Energy portraits

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Spirit Guide Portraits

Based on an individual channelling session, Jyoti creates an original portrait of your personal spirit guide. The session offers a remarkable opportunity to have a clear impression of the spirit who guides your life and to hear the wisdom that spirit wishes to impart. The painting is an original work of high quality which provides a special lifelong vision for inspiration.

Investment Option/s:
$790 Acrylics on canvas

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The Women's Wheel of Awakening
Imagine being deeply and safely guided to access all the phases of your true feminine power. In this unique session Jyoti guides you in connecting with Five Sacred Feminine Keepers and  Four Women’s Pathways. Dive into the wheel to discover how to truly experience what you need to rebirth with The Swan Maiden or find fearlessness through accessing The Triple Goddess and walk the pathways of balanced growth with TheTree Maiden and discover how to gain abundance and nurture yourself with The Corm Mother. These and more are your heritage to awakening your feminine power.

  • Find out how to:Focus your power and move forward beyond your limitations.
  • Be shown the place where it is possible to find the key to inner freedom.
  • Find answers to the questions that have blocked your progress.
  • Tap into your feminine powers.
  • Experience profound visioning & meditations to gain guiding light.

Investment Option/s:
$150 per hour

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​​​Women's Power Shields

Contact the power of the sacred feminine which most speaks to your life pathway. Experience a fresh overview of the Goddess within. This unique channelling offers a life enhancing and uplifting process of guidance. The shield is an original and beautiful work of art depicting powerful symbolism for you individual feminine stature.
Investment Option/s:
$790 Watercolour
$790 Acrylics on Canvas

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