Shamanic Insight sessions
Jyoti provides a broad experienced background in shamanic counselling.

With her kind 'eye of the heart' way, she loves to combine practices that integrate

keeping a balance in life whilst supporting the story for any changes you need to create.

Animal Medicine Shields

Combining the skills of a professional artist with shamanic insight,

Jyoti creates unique and beautiful medicine shields based upon a psychic reading

of your animal totems.

The reading consists of a channelled session with Jyoti in which she sees each totem animal and receives information relevant to your life. These totems are good friends who often give sound, practical advice in a down to earth manner.

Their helpful medicine reaches into all areas of life ranging from health, career, relationships and spiritual matters. Often humorous, as well as deeply moving, participants have described these sessions as life transforming.

Investment Option/s:
$699 Watercolour/ Acrylics on Canvas

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Healing and Communication for Animal Friends

Jyoti has quietly worked with animal communication and healing for our animal companions for many years. By telepathically communing with each animal friend she finds out what maybe underscoring the animals dis-ease and then gently utilizes energy healing to bring them into balance and to give clarifying messages for their beloved owners.

Animal friends can either be brought to Jyoti or she can travel to you if need be. (A travel fee will apply)

I am delighted that Jyoti is offering her special gifts of communicating with and offering healing to our beautiful animal companions! Over the past 12 years, Jyoti has assisted 2 of my cats and 5 of my dogs who have had health challenges and / or messages for me, which brought profound understanding of their reason for being with me and how I could support them. In addition, Jyoti has assisted with healing she’s provided to horses. Her telepathic abilities with our animal spirits are extraordinary!
Jane Elise Ferro,
Wellness & Healing Centre, York
EMF Balancing Practitioner & Supervisory Teacher

Investment Option/s:
$150 per hour plus $20 travel each way
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Medicine Bundles

With true and clear intent coupled with shamanic ritual work Jyoti creates a powerful and special Medicine Bundle for your needs.
Medicine Bundles ritually created by Jyoti can assist in:
• Quickly moving forward the selling of property and houses.
• Protecting homes, animals, friends and family.
• Helping the safe return of missing animal friends.

Investment: $150 per hour ( ritual and medicine bundle creation usually take one/ two hours)Plus P&P Overseas/interstate

A few years ago I was trying to sell a house with no luck. It was on the market for around 4 months and I was starting to feel quite stressed out about it. Jyoti did a ceremony for me and within a couple of weeks I had 2 offers at the full asking price.

When my beautiful cat went missing, I remembered that Jyoti also did Medicine Bundles for all sorts of problems. She told me that she had seen the cat return to me and that she would do a Bundle for this result. As the weeks went by, I was giving up hope and Jyoti told me not to worry and she was still certain she was coming home. 4 weeks to the day, to my delight, the cat returned, skinny and dishevelled but home and safe! It was quite miraculous.

Amitabha Howlett

Everything was in place for my parents to immigrate and join us here in Australia, except selling of their property. After two years in the market and with South Africa’s real estate downturn my parents were feeling downhearted and losing hope of ever selling their home.
One quick call to Jyoti gave me confidence that all is not lost. After providing her with details she prepared a medicine bundle that my mum placed in her house. Two weeks later the most miraculous thing happened. A couple placed a cash offer on the house. And to put the cherry on the top, they wanted to buy all the house contents and keep the dogs! My parents can now leave South Africa without worries about the dogs, finances or furniture. I cannot thank Jyoti enough. Her special gift is invaluable and has served me and my family very well. I can heartily recommend Jyoti to anyone.
Heidi Lemke
IT Specialist

Jyoti created a medicine bundle for my husband and I for the prompt sale of our house, during a period when the market was slow. By the second week, we had accepted an offer by two lovely people whom we knew would love and appreciate the house as much as we had. Thank you Jyoti
Melissa and Jim

Jyoti provided a prompt and very timely ritual and medicine bundle for us. It
was the 11th hour for me and a real last effort attempt to sell the house.
After many months of being on the market, and the market apparently flat here,
within 10 days of placing the medicine bundle and taking Jyoti's advice, we
had a firm offer, and another buyer in 'the wings'. On that same day those
people offered exactly what we wanted. We are amazed, delighted and very
grateful - thank you Jyoti!
Suzanne Moss
Artist and art lecturer

Investment Option/s:
$150 per hour

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Soul Retrieval

A powerful, 8 sessions, shamanic method which aids you in retrieving the hidden soul aspects you need to heal and understand.  Jyoti gives teachings on the eight stages of Soul Retrieval. 

Investment Option/s:
$150 per teaching session of each of the eight stages.

8 sessions in all.

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The Munay Ki, the nine sacred rites

Jyoti gifts and gives teachings on the nine sacred rites of the Q'Ero (Peruvian shamans). Unique energy transferences which enable you to connect fully with your evolving 'Homo Luminous' for the time of great change to come. 

Investment Option/s:
$150 per teaching session of each rite

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