The Healing Earth Book and Deck

Designed with the feminine in mind, these two meditations can be used to enhance the teachings with the Women’s Wheel of Awakening book and cards or by themselves. The two meditations have been crafted to assist you in working with the inner experience of the feminine archetypes they represent. 

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The Healing Earth Book and Deck

This unique set of 33 full colour cards, original designs created by Jyoti McKie in partnership with Deb Schubert [U.S.A teacher of body flow exercises for wellbeing] is a wonderful resource to help you develop easy, yet powerful steps for healthy wellbeing. The Tijah Deck gives inspiring guidance coupled with unique and easy to follow Tijah movements you can do to assist your emotional, mental and physical bodies to harmoniously align.  Choose a card for the day and enjoy the inspiring image as you do the easy movement for better harmony or you can do all 33 movements for a fantastic, regular harmonizing.

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Flowering chakras Meditation: Contains a beautiful Chakra balance 17.35mins

Go on a mystical journey of healing into the sacred with a trusted ally by your side. Hidden In a timeless place of healing you will rediscover the healing you seek.  

The Guidance & Images are set out in four paths. Each path represents a stage in the adventure with six powerful steps to take, encouraging you to explore, transform and grow into fullness.

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Inner Abundance: Shamanic Journey with the Spirit Master Ol Ya Ma 

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Spirit of Healing: Shamanic journey to the Spirit of Healing
Corn Mother’s Abundance & the Tree Maiden’s Grounding MP3: Contains2 meditations

If you have felt out of sorts or constantly unable to focus your energy here is a meditation designed specifically to balance all your chakras and energy field. Utilising the   essential energy of the flowers and the light vibrations of the colour rays; this meditation brings you firmly back in touch with your beautiful centre inside to regain focus enabling you to respond to life’s challenges from a better place.     

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 This second Edition of my book "The Healing Earth Book and Deck" is now published and available. It is a special limited edition so hurry if you wish to purchase it as they may all sell out quickly.

The new Healing Earth Book  has a revised text with fresh insight for many of the arcana.  This edition has an exciting new cover design to reflect the raising of humanity for the age of light.

Two new Major Arcana have been added to bring the deck up to the magical number of 108 cards.

Book & Deck:$80 +p&p [$45overseas] 

SPIRIT OF HEALING with Jyoti McKie & INNER ABUNDANCE channelled guidance with Ol Ya Ma MP3: Contains 2 visualisations
The Tijah Deck Set; Movement, breathwork and guidance for healing and embodiment
Inspirational images
Women’s Wheel of Awakening Book; a Woman’s Guide to Empowerment & Transformation

The Wheel of Awakening is a step by step journey of the heart traveling the pathways Jyoti has explored and understood in her lifetime as a shaman woman teacher, artist and storyteller. It connects you as a woman to your individual transformation through deepening spiritual exercises, imagery and storytelling both old and new and most of all your own. Awakening the regenerative process that is every woman’s birthright The Women’s Awakening Book gifts you with a transformational journey that says this journey is a sacred undertaking for it answers the call from your deepest spirit.

The Awakening is the journey that each woman with the lightning fire of creative spirit in her eyes takes. This unique book and accompanying twenty four full colour images are designed to assist in awakening you as a wonderful, whole woman, no matter what age or background, to that lightning fire. It confirms that your individual story matters and shows how you can trace the significance of your story and its connection to other women’s stories, whether they are ancient or present day.

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