About Jyoti

Jyoti McKie has worked for many years as a spiritual and shamanic teacher.

She is an experienced clairvoyant & channel as well as being an author and

professional artist. Bringing her authentic presence & psychic awareness to

her work, she has facilitated courses, sessions and lectures internationally.

Jyoti is an experienced leader in female shamanic pathways. She has led

numerous workshops and courses for women internationally. These include:

The Moonlodge, Contacting the Wise Woman, Vision Quests and Women’s

Circles. She has taught many people how to understand the power of the heart

and use this to perceive and effect healing on the subtle psychic realms of our being.  

She has facilitated seminars on unifying diverse groups including work with

professionals in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, refugee resettlement and businesses.

Jyoti’s approach is characterised by the ability to truly listen. To be absolutely in the moment and the creation of a trusting space for clarity, awe and insight to emerge. Her way is based on the awareness that true vision comes from “the eye of the heart”.

Best-Selling Author of: The Healing Earth Book & Deck – A journey in self-discovery, empowerment and planetary healing.

The Women's Wheel of Awakening – A woman's guide to empowerment & transformation.

The Mystery of the Tarot – How to use the Tarot. (Awaiting launch) 

Designer of The Tijah Deck, published by Vital Flow, U.S.A.




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